Mate tea bags Cruz de Malta (mate cocido) 25 x 3 gr

Mate tea bags Cruz de Malta (mate cocido) 25 x 3 gr
Brand: Cruz de Malta
Categories: Yerba mate, infusions, tisanes 
Product Code: CMSQ3
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Price: CAD 3.00$

Product of Argentina.

Tea bag version of Cruz de Malta yerba mate.

25 bags of 3 gr each.

This variety does not need any preparation, just hot water and a cup.



  • Pack of 25 tea bags of 3g / 0,1oz each. (Net Weight 2.5oz)
  • Made in Argentina since 1874.
  • Gluten free!
  • Each bag is individually packed.

When there is no time for the preparation of a mate cup, these Mate tea bags come in handy. They are our top tea bags seller, as Cruz de Malta is our most popular brand of Yerba Mate. You can enjoy these Mate tea bags hot or cold in just a few minutes. Get all the antioxidants on the go as this product is perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon breaks. With more than 135 years of experience we can say that Cruz de Malta has an exclusive specialization and knowledge in the traditional methods used to make a top quality product


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